Planthropy Desertscape Workshop

Join Planthropy and Trove Warehouse for a prickly affair!

Forget the road trip out west! Create a tabletop cactus and succulent desertscape worthy of being the topic of discussion in your home or office. Learn about these unique and almost self-sufficient plants, how to care for them and how to make them into an eye-catching arrangement. The various shapes, sizes and textures of the cacti will bring your desertscape to life! You'll learn tips and tricks on how to miniscape your desert world.

The following materials are included:

      • A variety of cacti and hardy succulents
      • A modern, concrete container. 13"x5". (You guys, the pictures don't do this massive arrangement justice!)
      • A toppings bar including rocks, pebbles, sand, moss, bark and other natural elements
      • Activated charcoal
      • Cactus Soil
      • A watering syringe. You'll learn just how much water to use and how often to water!

    Please come early to enjoy craft beer, wine, snacks and to shop!

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