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Add a Little Green!

Spring is finally here and we are so ready to freshen up our decor! One of our favorite ways to instantly brighten a space is the addition of indoor plants. Think of how special it makes you feel when a friend stops by with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Your home just feels a little fresher, a little newer.

Depending upon the type of plant you have your sights set on, caring for them can be a little intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. We stopped by to see our friends at Stump in Italian Village (talk about plant envy!) to learn more about indoor plant care and they did not disappoint. Make sure to check out their new German Village location too! 

One of our favorites is the Fiddle-Leaf Fig. All it takes is one look to see why this plant is so popular in home decor right now. Their big happy leaves and delicate stalk make them a perfect complement to any room.

There are two main types: the Fiddle-Leaf Fig (left) and the "Little Fiddle" (right). Both are equally beautiful, but they can be a bit finicky. Be sure to let the soil dry out at least a few inches down before watering again and give them lots of indirect light. 

These guys may need a little more attention than your average house plant, but the results are completely worth it! We love this light and airy dining room by House Seven. Talk about dreamy!

If you're looking for something a little more forgiving, try a low-light plant like the ZZ or Snake Plant. 

As the crew at Stump says, "ZZ rhymes with easy", and these plants live up to their name! They usually only need watered about once a month so they are super laid back and don't need a ton of direct sunlight either. 

The Snake Plant has tall, pointy variegated leaves that are extremely tolerant to low light or the occasional missed watering. As long as you don't over water you're good to go!

We love pairing them with one of the statement ceramic pots available at Trove or a mod matte planter like this awesome display at 
Stump. Just be sure your pot has a drainage hole or put a few stones in the bottom to allow excess water to drain away from the roots.

We love this photo from House Plant Journal that shows all of the gorgeous variation of snake plants available.

If you want a different look, try pairing your new plant with one of Trove's hand-woven baskets to dress them up a bit!

It's amazing just how much impact plants can have in your home. They're a key interior design element that will never go out of style. We can't get enough of Erin Conway's living room adorned with tons of gorgeous house plants. Check her out at Kismet House!

Don't have a green thumb? Not a problem! We have tons of faux succulents and florals to give you the same effect without any of the guesswork. 

Make sure to check out Stump's blog for tons of great plant advice and come see us at Trove afterward to find the perfect pot, planter or basket to complement your new plants!


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