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Crafting the Perfect Cocktail: Equal Parts Form and Function

A thoughtfully styled (and most importantly, stocked!) bar cart is key to any good party and while there are endless ways to create a curated home bar, it doesn't have to be difficult! Wondering where to begin? First up is your cart. That may seem obvious, but there are TONS of awesome options out there so you can find the perfect fit for your space. We chose a mid-sized metal cart with soft lines, a champagne finish, glass top and crisp white marble base for an option that can easily fit into any room of your home.

Keep Your Spirits High
Now it's time for the good stuff! Start with the essentials: alcohol and barware then mixers and accessories. Choose your liquor based upon your own personal preferences. If you love a good bourbon, craft your cart around cocktail items like highball glasses, a vintage decanter and whiskey stones. If gin is more your speed, throw together all the ingredients for a perfect French 75. 

Beauty & Utility
Whether you create a cart focused around a specific signature drink or combine a collection of spirits to fit any guest's mood, just make sure you use what you love! We love the aesthetic of using liquor bottles that not only create our favorite cocktails, but also those that play well together visually with coordinating packaging.

Choose Your Theme
Here we used gin, an aged bourbon in an antique crystal decanter and a bottle of locally distilled vodka. It's fun to pick a theme for your cart- whether that's a color, a cocktail type or a holiday. This trick not only cuts down on clutter, but also helps create a more thoughtful style.

Hold Your Drink and Stir It Too
When it comes to choosing barware for your cart, don't feel obligated to include every glass in your cupboard. We chose just a few of our favorites that fit in with our theme of varying shades of sapphire. Next up are your bar tools and the same idea goes here- less is more! You don't need every gadget imaginable to create a gorgeous and useful bar cart. If you have an ornate vintage ice bucket, use it! Does your favorite cocktail call for a strainer or a muddler? Throw them on the cart!

Mix It Up
Mixers are probably the most important accessory on your cart. Sparkling water is a colorful addition that's perfect for creating refreshing, bubbly cocktails. Try pouring juice and any other drink mixers into a unique glass bottle for an easy way to keep your style consistent.

Accessories are the last piece of the puzzle. Use bright colored cocktail books, fun napkins and straws and fresh flowers to finish off your look. We love the addition of a smooth wooden bowl that adds a natural grounding element to hold citrus fruits for a pop of color that's also handy for cocktail creations.

Keep Your Options Open
Loving the bar cart we used here? Check it out at Trove Editions! We have tons of different options to fit any style both in store at Trove Warehouse and in our online shop. We love the Matilda trolley (top left) with its warm reclaimed wood shelves that can effortlessly transition into your kitchen for a cart to hold produce or baking items in between parties. The Ballinger bar cart (top right) takes your look more glam with mirrored shelving and striking iron lines.

The Violet trolley (bottom left) keeps it simple and industrial and the Kiley bar cart (bottom right) gives you a perfect option for small spaces.

Need some cocktail inspiration? Head over to check out Watershed Distillery's menu of delicious craft cocktails and get mixing! Here's one of our favorites to get you started:

The Ohio Mule
1.5 oz of Watershed Distillery Vodka
1 oz of fresh squeezed lime juice
4 oz of ginger beer

Combine vodka and lime over ice in a copper mule mug and top with your favorite ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Happy Styling (and sipping)!



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