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Celebrating Ten Years

Celebrating 10 Years of Trove Warehouse

This month, we’re celebrating ten years since we first opened our doors. We started Trove Warehouse with a vision, determination and an empty warehouse to fill. Over the past decade, it has grown into an amazing team of employees, multiple locations, and a successful online shop shipping pieces nationwide. We’re taking a look back and reflecting on how much has changed in the past ten years!

Throwback Photos of Trove Warehouse

In the past ten years, I went from having no children to twins within the first year of business, and on to our final of three. I have learned that balancing family and work is so important. These little babes did not stay little for long. Now, my kids are coming to work with me and helping out. I'm so proud they get to see me at work, doing what I love. Regardless of what they choose to do in the future, I want them to always have an entrepreneur's mind and work hard to make their own dreams become a reality.

I have become a different person in these past ten years. I have learned to accept obstacles and challenges by taking them head on rather than letting them upset me. I've learned that sharing a business with your family is a beautiful thing and it takes hard work like every relationship does, but it is worth it.

Trove has blossomed in so many ways. When we first opened, we only had furniture. Today, we have furniture, accessories, art, rugs, pillows, throws. The minute I walked into our first building on Wood Ave, I had a vision for what it would be one day. It’s amazing to see that in reality today. We love to have fun and take risks, and after all these years Trove has stayed true to its origins of "ever-changing" finds. We want to continue this and make sure we stay fresh and allow our customers to see pieces through a new lens.

Then & Now Trove Upper Arlington

I never thought I would own a furniture store. Let alone, be in business with my two daughters! After 30 years of being a stay-at-home mom, I started this adventure at 53. Throughout the past decade, my family has grown and I've grown as a business woman. I’ve learned A LOT along the way! All four of my children have married and started families of their own, blessing my husband, Brad, and I with nine grandchildren (with another on the way!).

Although furniture is in my family history, I had dreamed of owning a clothing boutique. My daughter, Breane, has said that "furniture is fashion" so I guess it goes hand in hand! We started this business with one space to receive and showcase pieces, and have since expanded into a second location in New Albany, OH and a distribution center to receive shipments. Our customer base has grown and supported us throughout and we have become friends with so many people through Trove. I feel so blessed for these ten years we have had and look forward to what the next ten will bring!

Newspaper Article 2011

Time flies when you're having fun. It's amazing to think we have now been open and operating for ten years. Ten years for any business, but especially a small business, does not come easy. I look back and it seems like year one was just yesterday. Time has a funny way of doing that.

Over the past decade, I have become a mom and welcomed four new beautiful babes, moved three times, and both lost and gained a four-legged friend. I lived out my 20s and now I am half way in my 30s. There have been many moments of laughter and happiness, but just as many filled with struggles and tears. The hardest sacrifice is lost time with family but especially my kids. I would not have made it this far without the husband I have, supporting me every step of the way and keeping our house running when I’m not home. He understands our store demands, business trip needs, late night floor sets, and weekend hours.

Trove has grown into much more than I ever dreamed of. I, personally, never imagined that in ten years we would be operating on a national scale. Shipping product from coast to coast, managing three locations, and employing over 30 workers. We have grown from a family store run by a mom and two daughters to a lifestyle brand.

We have gained the trust of our customers and they’ve opened up their lives for us to learn about their home decor needs. We have built lasting relationships with staff, designers and vendors, who have become like family to us. Over the past ten years, seeing our products truly become a part of the very center of people’s homes and their everyday lives is a special thing. Our pieces become time-stamps in stories. From dining tables to sofas, families and friends are creating memories while sitting around on our furniture.

Trove Family Photo

These last ten years have been the most amazing roller coaster ride and we are not getting off anytime soon. When we say “thanks for stopping by!” as you walk out the door, please know that we couldn’t be more sincere. Without our customers and the support of those who continue to spread the word and shop with us, we wouldn’t be here today.

Much love and looking forward to our continued growth over these next ten!

Breane, Cindy & Lauren


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    Jill Richards 1196 days ago

    Big changes over the years! Your store and family are beautiful! Congratulations and wishing you another 10 years of great success. ❤️

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    Jamie L Henry 1196 days ago

    Congratulations to everyone. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed shopping, chatting, learning various fun design layouts (even though I am a print graphic designer, you can ALWAYS learn something new!), and feeling welcome in Trove. Each and every individual is happy to see you, asks you how you are doing, and is always willing to help with any piece, albeit large or small, right down to the beautiful mustard yellow beaded bracelet that I just had to have! We have many pieces in our home, a new stay-at-home, working-from-home office for my husband, who simply loves his new desk and utility cart; the vintage-style metal tiles above our fire place, and the list goes on and on. Thanks for the uniqueness you find for us as customers and the care you provide for everyone. May you continue through many generations to come. See you soon – my best, Jamie Henry

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