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Trove Table Talk: Creating an Outdoor Oasis

As the days grow longer and flowers blossom into full bloom, I find myself drawn to relaxing outdoor spaces. I have a small, cozy home, so when the warmer months arrive I get so excited to move outside! Whether I'm cooking out on the patio for my family, entertaining on the weekends, sipping coffee in the early morning sun or watching the rain fall from my breezeway, not a day goes by that I don't take a moment to enjoy the outdoors. Elaine, our Floral Fanatic, invited us to her backyard sanctuary to share her outdoor styling tips!

Think of your outdoor spaces as an extension of your home. Carry the style of your interior outside with lighting, rugs, and outdoor-friendly fabrics. Bring a set of outdoor-friendly lamps onto your patio or drape a set of string lights across your porch to create an inviting atmosphere for a relaxed summer gathering. With the wide selection of durable, outdoor-friendly fabrics available at Trove, there’s no reason why your outdoor spaces can’t feel just as cozy as the interior of your home!

Add a little personality to your patio by incorporating a mix of vintage, distressed styles with bright pops of color that don’t overpower the space. A true outdoor oasis should only include pieces that make you happy, so let your collection of artwork and accessories grow over time! Set out your favorite gardening book or hang up a quote you love. I added one of our distressed metal letters from Trove to play off the rustic feel of my brick red vintage bench!

Houseplants love to be outside! The warmer months are the perfect time to bring them outdoors, just be mindful of stormy weather or exposing them to too much sun and heat. Get creative with containers. Repurpose old watering cans, bird baths, or whiskey barrels. You can find a wide variety of vases and vintage pieces at Trove that would make great homes for your plants!

Fill containers with some eye-catching perennials and small bushes. When fall comes, plant the perennials and bushes in your garden and yard. Here’s a quick tip: window boxes are not just for summer! They can be filled year round with spring pansies, summer annuals, fall grasses, pumpkins and pansies, and winter evergreens.

When the summer comes, I prefer to spend my days surrounded by fresh greenery soaking up the Ohio sun. If you want to make the most of the warmer seasons, the best thing you can do is create an outdoor oasis for yourself and your family. At Trove, we're passionate about helping you bring your visions to life.

Happy summer!



  • R
    Roberta Trutko 1780 days ago

    Gorgeous: that’s you & your home. Thanks for sharing your helpful tips.

  • L
    Liz Betts 1784 days ago

    Oh Elaine! This is absolutely gorgeous!! I’m so inspired.

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