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Trove Table Talk: Designing a Small Space for a Large Family

How to Design a Small Space for a Large Family

When our family of six moved into a 1,400 square foot home, I knew my biggest challenge was going to be space. After lots of research and planning over the years, I've managed to simplify my lifestyle and create a serene space for my family to laugh, love, and create. Here are my top tips for designing around large families in small spaces. 

Amber Interiors Living Space

Family-friendly Design
You don't have to sacrifice style for family. Our homes are much more than a place to hold our things, they are a container for our stories and memories. We have the ability to create a space that reflects who we are as a family and that plays such a powerful role in our children's lives.

Down to the music I play and the candles I light, it's been my mission to leave a lasting memory in my children's hearts so they will always feel a sense of "home". With hundreds of performance fabrics and durable finishes to choose from at Trove, it's easier than ever to create a comfortable home without sacrificing design. 

Trove Light and Airy Spaces

Minimalist Approach
With such limited space, I knew I wanted to keep everything light and airy. I brought in lots of texture and plants to incorporate natural elements throughout my home. Painting the walls Alabaster white gave a warm ambiance to the white walls and created the serene feeling I was hoping for.

Less Is More
Adopting a "less is more" mindset has been a game-changer for me and has trickled into every aspect of our lives. From interior design to organization, we have set up some house rules to keep our home clutter-free. I go through the mail and the kid's school papers daily to prevent them from piling up on the counters. I stick to a load of laundry a day and keep a donation bin handy to toss out clothes that continually end up in the dirty laundry without being worn.

One of the best ways to keep out the clutter is to stick to a five gift rule during the holidays: something you want, something you need, something you'd like, something to read, and an experience. This rule has not only kept our kids grounded and grateful, but taught them to be intentional about what they ask for.

Trove Family Living Spaces

Focus on Function
The great thing about living in a smaller home is we use every inch of it! Breaking down every square inch of your home and focusing on how it will best serve your family will allow you to maximize the space and love the home you're in! Not to mention, you can decline all of your parent's hand-me-downs guilt-free. If you don't love it or it doesn't serve a purpose, let it go! 

Trove and Kelly Scott Interiors

Design with Intention
With all of the bloggers and popular design shows out there, it's easy to get lost in knowing what you want in your own space. The best advice I can give is to stay true to what is calming and inviting for you. While a farmhouse style may be on trend, you should ask yourself how it represents your family. Getting intentional with the pieces you bring in while sticking to these core values, will create a more peaceful and productive home for your family to comfortably reside in. 

Happy designing!




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    Where did u get the coffee table and how much?

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    Best designer in the world. You guys are lucky to have her.

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