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Trove Table Talk: Creating a Cozy Hot Cocoa Bar

Trove Table Talk Hot Cocoa Bar

Coming from Minnesota, many of my favorite activities required braving the bitter cold. Whether I was at the local ice rink or the top of my favorite sledding hill, I could spend hours outside. I always knew when I got home my mom would have a warm mug of hot cocoa ready for my friends and I. Whipped cream, sprinkles, the works!

There’s nothing better than sipping a rich, creamy mug of hot cocoa. What’s even better is a hot cocoa bar that’s ready whenever you are! I have two recipes for you to try this season, a crock-pot recipe and a stove-top recipe.

stove top hot cocoa recipe

If you're looking for a classic hot cocoa recipe you can whip up in a few simple steps, try out this one we love from Epicurious

Crockpot Hot Cocoa Recipe

If you have the time, give this slow cooker hot chocolate recipe by Sally's Baking Addiction a try! Leave the cocoa on all afternoon and by the time the kids get back in from sledding or snowball fights, the perfect winter drink will be waiting for them.

Hot Cocoa Topping Ideas

Stick with the classics or get creative with different toppings and add-ins! Having a hot cocoa bar ready is a special treat for my kids and easy for the whole family. Letting them choose their toppings is half the fun!

Just like toppings, you can keep it simple with decorations or have a little fun with it! We rolled out the Smith bar cart to style with garlands, paper straws, and decorative bowls for toppings. Cute mugs are a must for any hot cocoa bar. Throw in some lights or a chalkboard sign if you’re feeling extra festive!

Here’s to chilly days filled with a warm cup of hot cocoa! Have some fun with it and enjoy.



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    Elaine Broderick 1648 days ago

    So cute and YUMMY Monica!!!

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