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Welcome To Warehouse 2

A little over seven years ago, we opened the doors to Warehouse 1 in Upper Arlington. We didn't know where the idea of Trove would take us, but were excited for the future and knew that we would be putting our hearts into every aspect of the business. Within these last seven years, Trove has become so much more than just a retail furniture store.

From building an amazing team to creating relationships with the most wonderful and encouraging customers, Trove has filled our days with so much laughter and hard work doing what we love. Each day we come to work at a place where we are continuously inspired and have the opportunity to help design spaces where your memories can shared. How lucky are we?!

Looking back at these photos from 2011, it's so fun to see how far we’ve come! When we first opened the store we didn't have a separate warehouse space so we received and stored all of our new product in a corner of the showroom (thank goodness we've since upgraded!). From our minimalist room settings to getting creative with dining chair displays, we made it our own from the very beginning and never settled for typical.

A second location wasn't in our initial plans, but we always knew the possibility existed. During our year-end meeting, we sat down to recap 2017 and write down our goals for 2018. Researching spaces for a new location was at the top of our list and little did we know we would be in contract for Warehouse 2 by the end of the first quarter!

When we heard about a potential location in New Albany, we couldn't wait to check it out and there wasn't even a second thought once we turned onto Zarley Street. We walked into the empty warehouse space, full of potential, and had that same feeling of excitement we did with Warehouse 1 back in 2010. The next thing we knew, we were signing on the dotted line and we couldn't be more excited to open the doors to Warehouse 2 this September!

We have big plans to make this new space our perfect Trove home and have made lots of progress toward creating an awesome shopping experience for you! We've been busy tearing down some walls, building up others, painting every inch and finishing the floors in preparation for the furniture to arrive. Can't you just envision the amazing finds that will fill every corner in just a few short weeks!?

Even though the new store is on the other side of town, it will have that same cozy, eclectic feel you're used to at our Upper Arlington location with just as much room for design creativity!

From custom upholstery items in fresh, fun patterns to unique consoles, dining options and lighting, we have so much in store for our New Albany location! Our mood boards are overtaking the office with fabrics, leathers and finishes that inspire us on some of our favorite frames.

Boxes of new product are arriving every day and we're still putting in orders so be sure to tell us what you want to see! If there's a specific style or piece you've been dreaming of for your home, reach out to us and we'd love to keep it in mind.

We can't thank you enough for your amazing support from the day we opened our doors. As a Trove family we are so grateful that you have allowed us to live out a dream with this wonderful store that's so much more than just that. Every hour we spend creating, designing and becoming a part of your home means so much to us and keeps us going every day!

If you'd like to be a part of our growing crew, let us know! We're hiring for all positions and would love to meet you and learn more about your passion for furniture and interior design. Keep your eyes out at for the official opening date for Warehouse 2 coming soon. We can't wait to bring you with us on this next step in our journey.

Get ready to discover your find, New Albany!



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    Trove Warehouse 2063 days ago

    Hi Lindsay- We can’t wait to open the doors very soon to see all of our Trove friends in New Albany! We are planning to open later this fall so keep an eye out here at and on our social media pages for the latest info!

  • L
    Lindsay Cannon 2063 days ago

    Have any idea when the new store will open?

  • T
    Trove Warehouse 2083 days ago

    Hi Sharon! We would LOVE to help you find the perfect chandelier. Stop in and see us when you can or shoot a message over to so we can get researching for you!

  • M
    Marilee Kastran 2083 days ago

    Excited to see your new location (closer to home). Hoping to bring more friends from the North. Always enjoy stopping in to see your fabulous design work and accessories. Love everything I have purchased! Best wishes!

  • S
    Sharon Hershey 2083 days ago

    I would love to find a small- medium sized antler chandelier for my new house in the woods!

  • M
    Mary Evans 2083 days ago

    Congratulations!!! Your store is great – and the culture quite evidently comes from the meshed personalities of all of you. It’s a fun place to shop for my clients (and for me)! Best of luck on the new store!

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