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New Year, Neat You!

Home Organization Tips from the NEAT Method

As we enter into the new year, it's only fitting that we all jump on the bandwagon of New Year's resolutions. At the top of our list for 2020, is creating systems that make us more productive at home. The Columbus Neat Method girls, sisters and co-owners Kelly Platte and Lindsay Herrick, recently shared their professional tips with us on how to live The NEAT Life. By completing these four simple steps, you will be well on your way to making it your most organized year ever! 

Step 1: De-Clutter 
Go through your spaces and sort everything into one of three bins: Keep, Recycle, Donate. This is the toughest part, but try to be realistic - if you haven't used it in the last year, it's likely something that you can say goodbye to. Be sure to not take on more than you can handle. Start with smaller spaces...think one drawer at a time. Try to do one space at a time so you don't get burnt-out or feel overwhelmed. Start by removing EVERYTHING in the space. You never know what can be hiding in the corners of your pantry or in the bottom of the drawer, so don't skip this step! 

Step 2: Categorize 
Once you have handled the Recycle and Donate piles, go through the Keep pile and categorize everything by item (for example in the kitchen: baking, breakfast, grab-and-go, meal-prep, etc.). The more specific you can get, the better. 

Step 3: Store 
This is where you have to get strategic. Figure out where each category is going to live in your space. Items that are used daily should be close and easy to find while items that are used less frequently can be placed higher up or in bins.

Step 4: Implement 
Once everything is in its home, decide whether or not you want to implement organizing solutions to help maintain your new clutter-free space. These are a bit of an investment, but we totally think they are worth it. Some of our favorite suggestions are drawer organizers, bamboo drawer dividers, bins, baskets, acrylic trays, and labels. Try not to skip labeling! It may seem obvious that if there is a bin full of bread, everyone will know bread goes there...but what about when the bin is empty, or one of your family members claims "they don't know"? These are just a few examples of how labels can keep you NEAT. 

Remember, the biggest mistake you can make is doing it alone! If you get to a point where everything is pulled out of your closets, you're overwhelmed and don't even know where to can always call your local NEAT team to save you the trouble. Just like house cleaning, lawn work, and taxes, sometimes it's better to delegate the task to a professional. 

We hope with these tips you can avoid making common mistakes and actually fulfill your New Year's Resolution to finally get organized. And if not, we're always just a call away! Best of luck in the new year and cheers to being more organized! 

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    CIndy Rogers 1596 days ago

    My daughters, Kelly and Lindsay, organized my kitchen as a Christmas gift. I love it!

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