Trove Table Talk: Owners Q&A

As Trove Warehouse celebrates eight years of business, we wanted to sit down with the owners for a highly requested Q & A. So grab a cup of coffee and join us while the owners answer your most asked questions. 

With a fresh year ahead of us we wanted to know what are some of your business goals for Trove. 
Breane: I want to have more fun with merchandising both accessories and furniture at Trove Upper Arlington and our new baby Trove New Albany. 
Cindy: I want to encourage and inspire the team of wonderful people that we have at Trove. I want us to have fun and be creative and passionate about everything we do for Trove. A happy face is always a good start to anyone's day and I want the team to know they can count on me for that and much more! 
Lauren: I want to work on delegating tasks and trust that others will get it done. I have a hard time passing things off to people when I know I can just do it but my time would really be better spent doing other things. A huge goal of mine is to re-do the check-out area. I want to find inspiration pictures and get a good game plan down on our next move. 

Starting a new year comes with new personal goals as well. We want to know some of your personal goals for 2019! 
Breane: I really want to get my 1/2 bath painted and accessorized this year. Top on my list is to read more. My husband may kill me soon from all of the home magazines and books that I have stacked up next to the bed that I am waiting to have time to read. 
Cindy: A personal goal for me is to purchase all of my family stocking stuffers by August, I have 16  to fill for 2019! I also want to continue to stay strong and healthy by keeping up with my good exercise schedule and good eating habits but not denying myself some indulging. Moderation is key for me! 
Lauren: Health. I focus so much time on work and my kids that I don't allow time to care for myself. I want to get a workout plan started and continue with eating healthy and choosing safer beauty products. I also need to become more organized at home. Simplify and less clutter. I'm creating a calendar and putting different spaces to focus on at different times so I am not jumping to another one before one is complete.

What are some of the core values that helped you start this business?
Breane: We wanted to have a store that did not feel like your typical furniture store. A here today, gone tomorrow concept where you can buy an item (or several) and it can be in your home today. We also wanted to offer great furniture at a great price. A place that young families could come and shop and feel like they were buying quality furniture but could afford the price of it.

How has your style changed throughout the years at furniture markets?
Breane: My buying style has really, surprisingly stayed the same. If I had to choose something that has changed, it would be that I am open to taking more risks now. When we first opened, I did bring in a green leather sectional...and that was taking a risk haha. Now I love playing with color and pattern and exploring all of the ways to make the store look fresh without it being completely bonkers. 

What is it like owning a business and working with your family?
Breane: It can be challenging for sure. The three of us have different personalities, opinions and views but we have the same vision and ultimate goals for Trove. When we do get upset with one another, we know we have to get over it quickly because the end of the day is coming and you know that you will be seeing these people on your street and in your yard haha. I think we have been able to navigate our dynamic well due to how our parents raised us. 

What challenges you the most working in the furniture industry?
Lauren: Probably satisfying the need of wanting new. Since we change up product on the floor on a weekly basis we always are looking for new items to bring in. If any of our vendors and suppliers don't show well at market it can make it hard to keep things looking new and fresh in between markets. 

What does a day in the life of a Trove owner look like?
Lauren: Oh a day in the life of a Trove owner...HA! This is a good question. When most people hear we are only open three days a week their first response is "Where do I sign up?!" thinking we really only work three days. Many people don't realize that we are actually there Monday through Saturday. Each of us owners focus on different aspects of the business so all of our typical days are different. But, a typical day starts with being a mom in the morning rushing the kids out the door for school, heading in to work with energy, drive and inspiration to get the creative juices flowing with the team. While at work many hours are spent re-inventing spaces on the floor, to organizing the offices, catching up on computer work or placing furniture and accessory orders. Not a day passes that I do not hit my 12-hour stand goal on my watch. 

What is it like living next door to each other?
Lauren: It's amazing. I can't say it's much different than when we lived a couple of miles away as we still saw each other a lot then. Now it's just way more convenient! What is nice is after a long work week when you really don't feel like doing anything or making dinner you can tag team with your neighbors that happen to be family and relax. And after a glass or two of wine, you can just walk home! It's also great for our husbands when we have to travel to markets, they help each other out. 

We want to thank everyone for an incredible eight years at Trove! We are so excited to see old and new faces as we continue to grow. Do you have a question that didn't get answered? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for following along!


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    We love Trive and are happy to hear about your 2nd location‼️

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