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Picking Out the Perfect Christmas Tree

Picking Out the Perfect Christmas Tree

Here at Trove, we love supporting local businesses and celebrating traditions. One of our family's most cherished holiday traditions is picking out a fresh Christmas tree together! This year we had the privilege of visiting Cackler Farms right here in Columbus. As our family was walking the grounds, we thought how fun it would be to share our experience and how we (try to) keep our trees alive all season. Follow along for our tips for picking out the perfect tree!

Trove Family Christmas Tree Picking

Measure. We always recommend measuring your space before bringing home a new piece from Trove, and the same goes for your Christmas tree! Take a moment to measure the ceiling height and width of the space and write them down for reference. 

Shop local. We love finding ways to support local, especially during the holiday season. Our family had so much fun taking a little trip out to Cackler Farms. With thirty years of experience on the farm and thousands of trees to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect tree!

Check for freshness. Look for fresh, green needles. Grab one of the branches and give it a gentle shake. A fresh, healthy tree will only lose a few needles!

Don’t forget to have fun! We put our best people on this one. 

Trove Family Christmas Tree

Gabe the Donkey

If you have little ones, make sure you stop to give Gabe the donkey a friendly pat before you leave the farm! Once you’ve taken your tree home, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep it fresh for as long as possible. The most important piece of advice we can give you is water, water, water. Keeping your new tree watered is the best way to make it last through Christmas. Avoid setting your tree near heat sources like registers, fireplaces, TVs, or candles. A dry tree near a heat source is a potential fire hazard!

Christmas Tree Decorations

Style the base of your tree with an oversized basket or a large planter, like the Tiffin planter. No tree is complete without a few treasured family ornaments that have been passed down for generations. If you're looking to add something new this year, we have a great selection of ornaments starting at less than $5. 

The Trove Family

We look forward to this season every year and our family is so grateful for each and every person who has shopped local with us. Whether you picked out a gift for someone special or brought home a new ornament to hang on your tree, thank you for making Trove a part of your holiday shopping! We wish you and your family every happiness this holiday season.




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