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Trove Table Talk: Accessorizing Your Home

Trove Table Talk: Accessorizing Your Home

Accessorizing is the easiest and most cost-effective way to transform your home. High-quality furniture is the foundation for a room that will last years and years, but accessorizing can keep a space from feeling boring and outdated. Add some new pillows, a throw, and a few accents and voila! You have a completely new look. We sat down with our DIY Enthusiast, Susan, to discuss a few key points she feels are important when decorating a room.

Texture and Color
Fabrics and finishes on large furniture pieces are typically neutral, but your personal design style can be incorporated through pillows, throws, and rugs. These items can completely transform a space and are relatively inexpensive. Try starting with a rug or pillow that you love and carry that color scheme throughout the room.

Tired of a look? Go grab some new pillows and play around with fun colors, patterns, and textures! This is where your space can really come to life and show your personality. There are no rules! Just play around until you find something you like. Here at Trove, we think the more pillows the better!

I love incorporating different fabrics and sizes of pillows on a sofa to really give it a warm, welcoming feel! Here, I quickly created three unique looks by playing with new pillow combinations.

Trove Shelf Styling

Styling Shelves
Adding accessories to a piece is one of my favorite things to do! Some key elements to consider are height and dimension. The bigger the piece you're styling, the bigger the accessory needs to be! Small objects tend to disappear on a large statement piece. I typically try to find a theme connecting similar colors and objects. Add a few special items into the mix that have sentimental value and give it a personalized touch.

A good rule of thumb is to accessorize in threes. I love using pottery, candlesticks, picture frames, books and baskets to fill in empty spaces. Be wary of adding too many accessories, too. If you have a lot of favorites, rotate them and don't have them out all at once because it can start to look cluttered. Remember, sometimes less is more! 

Trove Greenery Styling

If you have shopped with us at Trove, you know we stay stocked up with incredible faux florals year-round! Whether you choose real or fake florals, adding a pop of greenery or natural color here and there really warms up a space. 

If your space is feeling a little too drab being full of neutral grays and taupes (which seems to be a common problem currently), try adding in some plants or succulents to give it life. Another trick is to use real branches or large green leaves from the outdoors. Toss them in a cute vase and you're ready to go!

Trove Mood Board

I'm always falling in love with new home decor styles and adding a bit of this and that to my home. I'm tired of everything in my house feeling too matchy-matchy, so I'm trying to liven things up with some subtle color! I chose happy, welcoming colors for my mood board because that's what I want my home to feel like when someone walks in.

I really hope these tips help you feel more comfortable trying to turn your house into a home. If you're ever stuck, stop in to see us at Trove and we would be happy to help you spruce up your spaces!

Happy decorating!


Trove Team - Susan

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    Great job Susan!! I want to change everything in my house now!!

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