Trove Table Talk: Color Theory

Choosing color plays an important part in the design of a room. Since color can affect how we feel subconsciously, choosing the right color to match your space or personality can be overwhelming. Taking a look at the traditional color wheel can help you visualize how all the colors relate to one another, however, there is a lot of science behind it. This week we sat down with our free spirit, Rhonda, to explore the psychology of color!

Red, the color of passion. This color attracts the most attention, so you will want to use it in small doses. Red is stimulating, vibrant and exciting, however, it is widely used to signify danger. Consider incorporating red into a room that is not used very often, such as a formal dining room or powder room. 

Orange combines yellow and red tones and is considered the color of encouragement. This warm, social color is known to stimulate the appetite, so you might want to avoid using orange in the kitchen or eating area! Orange tones are usually paired with cool shades of blue, it's complementary color. Notice how blue and orange are opposite each other on the color wheel, this serves as a helpful tool to show you eye-catching color combinations for interior design. 

Yellow is the color of optimism. With spring in full bloom, this color reminds us of sunny days and fresh flowers. Although it's not very popular in home decor, adding a touch of yellow to any room can instantly add warmth and uplift the space. 

Blue is probably the most popular color in home decor right now and it's easy to see why. Any shade of this cool, moody color is thought to induce serenity and tranquility. Because of this, blue is the perfect color choice for bedrooms and any area of your home used for lounging and relaxing.

When you think of nature and all of its glory, the color green probably springs to mind. It is the color of growth and used to create a peaceful and secure environment. Green sits next to its analogous color, blue, on the color wheel. When these shades are paired they reflect the calming outdoor combination of blue skies and green grass. 

Purple, my personal favorite, is the color of spirituality. This color combines the energy of red with the calming power of blue and has long been associated with luxury and royalty. Having this color in my own master bedroom and bathroom makes me feel like a queen every morning and night! 

Design trends and personal tastes evolve over time, so keeping a neutral color scheme will allow you to add color using accessories, artwork, pillows, and rugs that can easily be swapped out. With so many beautiful colors, which one will you choose for your home decor? Stop by Trove and let me help you color your world! 


Trove Table Talk - Meet Rhonda!

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    Caroline Csuri 1861 days ago

    Lovely color story! I want those paint colors for reference!

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