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Trove Table Talk: Designing With Kids

Trove Table Talk: Designing With Kids

A common phrase we hear at Trove is “we have kids, we can’t have nice things." Our eclectic enthusiast, Molly, is here to tell you, yes you can! As many of us are parents, we’ve tested the waters when it comes to kid-friendly design. We’ve had spaghetti spills, chocolate stains and some stains we still cannot identify on our furniture.

You can, in fact, have good design and kids in the same house. While some things may not last as long as you would like – my kids broke wall decor within three days of it being up – there are many options for parents who don’t want to be limited in their design.

Kid-Friendly Fabrics at Trove

Fabrics are Important: Many manufacturers we work with offer kid-friendly or performance fabrics. While no material is entirely kid proof, these fabrics are tough enough to handle the wear and tear from small children. Many fabrics are liquid and stain resistant as well.

Polyester is Your Friend: Those in the fashion world may frown upon polyester, however, we embrace it in design. Polyester is one of the most forgiving and durable fabrics and works well for families with kids and pets. It holds its shape well and can often be cleaned with a water-based method, depending on the cleaning code. There are several types of polyester fabrics to choose from for your upholstered furniture including microfiber, tweed, and velvet. It’s amazing for throw pillows too!

Trove Table Talk - Kid-Friendly Decor

Think about Decor: Decor items, including accessories and artwork, can really liven up a space and add personality in a way that works with kids. One important note to think about is the age of your children: if you have toddlers running around, utilize accessories made from lightweight or non-breakable materials. Colorful books can be a great option to decorate with. Consider holding off on ceramics and glass until your kids are older and won’t pull them down from a shelf.

Colorful Rugs - Trove Table Talk

Embrace Rugs: Rugs warm up a space and add color, but also protect your flooring. Rugs made with polyester or polypropylene are sturdy enough to deal with the everyday use of young ones. These types of rugs are often a great price point and will typically last around 8-10 years depending on the amount of traffic received. On the other hand, wool is more stain resistant than synthetic fibers, making it easier to clean. While a wool rug can be more expensive, it can make a huge impact in a room.

Trove Statement Lighting

Make a Statement: Unless your kids are acrobats, or have a good aim with the nerf gun, chandeliers and pendant lights are typically too high up to break. A ceiling is the fifth wall and most forget about it when it comes to design; however, an interesting pendant light can add that "wow" factor to your design.

 Trove Table Talk: Designing With Kids

Don’t Buy Cheap Furniture: It may seem counterintuitive – you have little kids and know they’ll be jumping on the furniture, so don’t want to spend a lot. The problem is cheaply made furniture won’t last as long and can break down over time. You want to ensure the furniture has a sturdy frame. Cushion fill is just as important – a cushion with a spring or poly core insert will hold its shape. Rotating and fluffing your cushions will help even out the wear.

Your lifestyle plays a big role in determining the best design and furniture selections. At Trove, we are more than happy to talk to you about your space and how you can make it work for your family!

Happy family-friendly designing!


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    Sara Vetter 1378 days ago

    Love this article AND all the help I get at Trove trying to furnish and decorate our home for our family with 2 small boys!

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