Trove Table Talk: How To Make Apartment Living Feel Like Home

As my husband and I are nearing the end of our first year of marriage, we are ready to start house hunting and plant our roots into a community. However, over the past three years, we have lived in two different apartments. Making these temporary apartments feel like home was something I really enjoyed. 

Add Personality
A great way to do this is with an accent wall in your bedroom, living area or even your bathroom! Trove has a new line of temporary wallpaper which is a fun way to add some interest to your space. The best part is, it peels right off when it's time to move! My personal favorite is a bold black and white print. There are tons of other options from florals, to landscapes, to Moroccan prints, and more! 

Add a Little Life
I am talking about ALL the house plants! Adding greenery brightens your space and makes it feel alive. Not all house plants are conducive to apartment living, but I have found that my ZZ plant, snake plant, and rubber plant have thrived in any environment I put them in. Stop by Trove to find a fun planter in any size to make your plants one of your best accessories. 

Hang Art
Choose pieces that make you smile! Whether it's a gallery wall full of little pieces that you've collected over the years, or one large piece that speaks to your heart, having artwork on the walls adds so much to your space. The one piece in my home that makes me happy every day is called "The Good Old Days". It reminds me to enjoy every moment of this life because time flies! Art is also a great way to add pops of color, texture and personality to you space.  

Select Versatile Pieces
When it comes to selecting furniture items for my apartment, I have opted for neutral fabrics and small scale pieces. These are items that I know will always have a spot in my home! My Springfield chairs fit perfectly in my family room now, but one day they might live in an office or den.

Here at Trove, we have the perfect pieces for large spaces and small spaces alike. Stop in and let us help you make your temporary space feel like home! 


Natalie Trove Table Talk


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    Trove Warehouse 1614 days ago

    Hi Amy! We’ll send you an email with more information on the rug.

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    Amy 1616 days ago

    Do you have details on the rug.

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    Elaine 1674 days ago

    Wow!!! You nailed it Natalie!

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