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Trove Table Talk: Mixing Vintage and Modern Design

Trove Table Talk: Mixing Vintage with Modern

Mixing aged pieces with modern design is one of the simplest ways to create an eclectic, lived-in look. This week, we sat down with our vintage expert, Natalie, to talk about blending vintage and modern design. When she's not at Trove, Natalie is scouring thrift shops and flea markets for pieces to refurbish and has lots of advice for incorporating vintage style into your home!

Blending modern trends with sentimental, inherited pieces is what makes our spaces unique and personal. Your home tells a story about you! Everyone has inherited a piece of furniture from a family member or friend. It's also easy to find unique, quality pieces at thrift stores and flea markets for more affordable, functional finds. There's something magical about a space that stimulates your nostalgic senses, but creating a balance so the room looks elegant and charming rather than cluttered can be challenging.

Trove Table Talk - Mixing Vintage with Modern

Mix Old and New In A Successful Balancing Act

Mixing vintage pieces with fresh designs creates a balanced, cohesive space. There's no single focal point so to keep the space stylish rather than chaotic, make sure each item fits both physically and thematically. Remember, this is your story you are telling and the placement of your pieces reflects that! Try to use items that contrast in period or style to create extra drama.

Distribute designs so that they aren't bunched in their periods or styles. If you have inherited a vintage piece of furniture, helping it fit in can be as easy as finding a few accessories from the same era to tie it into the space. While the overall look of the room is important, a successful eclectic space is made up of smaller vignettes. Imagine taking photographs around the room for a magazine - if you can find several areas that produce exquisite snapshots, it's likely you will have achieved a magnificent final space!

Trove Table Talk - Before and After Vintage Finds

Incorporate Unique Objects

The way you use objects matters as much as the object itself. An effective eclectic scheme should be dramatic in style. To achieve this, try repurposing favorite items, such as an old ladder-back chair as a bedside table or a vintage suitcase as a coffee table. Another great way to be creative with furniture is to upcycle pieces using contemporary fabrics and colors, achieving a one-off look that bridges the gap between styles.

Trove Table Talk - Vintage Finds

Use Textures and Layering Aplenty

While distressed, aged pieces can be a lovely addition to your space, too many can give the effect of a garage sale. To combat this, mix worn pieces with smooth, unblemished surfaces and silky textures. Try a mirrored tray on a worn timber coffee table or a new silk cushion on a distressed leather chair. 

Utilizing colors and textures can also help bring together juxtaposing items. Introducing natural textures, such as leather, faux fur, wool, and linen, will help create a relaxed feel. Mix in simple accessories, like an accent pillow or a book on a coffee table, to complement the tones in the room. Similarly, a brass coffee table across from a brass lamp or detailing on a chest will marry the space. 

How do you want the room to feel?

As with any space, determining the overall feel you want to achieve is the best starting point. Do you want the interior design to feel elegant, fresh, lived-in, relaxed, classic, or unorthodox? Once you have determined this, it will be easier to choose the designs for your desired look. If you're not sure where to begin, try putting together a mood board for inspiration! 

Trove Table Talk: Modern and Vintage Mood Board

Our customers often feel the pressure of making their home look like a photo straight out of a magazine, but what's most important is to fill your home with pieces you love. Don't be afraid to have fun and let your space tell a story about you! Here at Trove, we are always happy to help you embrace the beauty of blending vintage or inherited pieces with something new. 

Happy thrifting!


 Trove Table Talk - Natalie


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