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Trove Table Talk: Picking Art For Your Space

One of the most important details when decorating your home is the art you choose for the walls. Art reflects the personality and interests of the homeowner and enhances both the style of decor and the architecture of the house itself. Art can be a welcoming element in an entryway such as an inspirational quote, a dramatic statement in a bedroom such as a large abstract canvas, or an unexpected photograph to provoke conversation and discussion in a gathering space. This week we sat down with our Farmhouse Philanthropist, Andrea, to hear her tips for picking the perfect piece of art. 

Choosing the right pieces can seem like a daunting task, but it starts with one simple question... What do you like? Often the immediate reaction upon viewing an artwork is a great indicator of what will work in your home. Trust your gut! But before you take home a 4'x4' framed black and white photograph of Tina Turner, you will want to ask a few more questions. Perhaps most importantly, is the size and shape appropriate for the specific space?

When I first saw the framed American Morse Code print, I knew I wanted to have it in my home but where? I would describe my style as "farmhouse eclectic with a twist" and live in a 1939 farmhouse that often presents challenges in terms of layout. When choosing the American Morse Code print, I was faced with several obstacles, but soon realized the perfect spot for this piece would be the dining room. Since the room is a large rectangle with four doorways, two windows and a fireplace I was limited in where art could be hung. Additionally, a 10' reclaimed ash dining table dominated the space, so I decided that another large vertically oriented piece would enhance the repetition of rectilinear forms.

Not only do I appreciate the historic nature of the 36"x62" American Morse Code piece, I also love how the dots are repeated in other aspects of the room, such as the black limestone mosaic fireplace hearth. I also chose adjustable height stools with a round seat to continue the circular motif. An oversized polka dot pillow on a mid-century style Adirondack chair helps soften the very minimal aesthetic I was going for while adding a pop of fun. 

The bathroom is another area in my home where a formal farmhouse style is juxtaposed with an unexpected and humorous piece of art from my personal collection. Although I love the soulful sweetness of this colorful bear portrait, it's the antique Kilam rug I found at Trove that absolutely completes the look! It couldn't be a more perfect accessory to add texture and color to a stark, black and white space. 

But I think I saved the best for last. The Led Zeppelin. Before the original 44"x44", framed, full color photograph ever arrived at the Upper Arlington Trove location, I knew I was in love! Assuming the piece would sell the first weekend it was displayed in the store (which it did), I immediately placed an order, and got to work combining various materials such as rugs, pillows, poofs and accents that would all play a supporting role in the comfy, rock and roll vibe. It was as if the artwork itself had a voice in the decision making process and was choosing the accessories! The end result is pure joy! 

Art can be beautiful and provocative, cute, playful, funny, inspiring and most of all transformative! Whether the artwork you choose has colors that uplift your mood, fills a large space, or enhances an existing palette of fabrics, artwork has the power to make our living space infinitely more beautiful and immeasurably more enjoyable. At any given time there are hundreds of pieces to choose from on the walls at either of the Trove locations. And much like the furniture at Trove, it had all been carefully curated and affectionately arranged to help spark your imagination! So perhaps the first step in choosing art for your space is to visit Trove! Who may just fall in love. 

See you around the shop! 



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