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TROVE On The Go: Fresh Vintage Farmhouse

As we begin the new year with a fresh start, we're inspired by this crisp, clean vintage farmhouse. Kelli and her husband Scott purchased this original 1864 duplex in Canal Winchester, OH with big dreams and a vision for what it could be for their family. They had a goal to have the home gutted and completely re-designed in time for Christmas and worked closely with their builder and Trove On The Go designer to bring their vision to life!

The Kelly family has known their Trove On The Go designer for over 16 years and with her help they turned this duplex into the beautiful, single family home. Their designer even helped paint the new walls to make sure everything was perfect!

It was important to them to stay true to their home's historic roots during the design process and they were able to keep much of the vintage charm they loved while adding in modern updates. Original hardwood floors and gorgeous exposed brick walls speak to their home's past in the most beautiful way.

This dreamy family room absolutely stops you in your tracks when you walk into Kelli and Scott's home. The large windows throughout the room let in a stream of natural light that makes the furniture shine even more. Everything is perfectly placed from the accent pillows to the layered rugs. The texture and wash of the Springfield chairs balances the clean, fresh Hailey sectional. 

Kelli and her designer created warmth throughout the space with layered textiles in mixed neutral tones. The exposed brick wall beautifully contrasts the textured hanging tapestry and a natural wicker occasional chair brings in a coastal element. Two of the Springfield chairs upholstered in a stonewashed grey fabric add a distressed, vintage vibe that we love!

As you walk into the kitchen one of the first things to catch your eye is the gorgeous wood beams, sourced from a historic barn in Baltimore. They frame the whitewashed dining table that's surrounded by six of the Vista slipcover dining chairs. At the large island, the Nice counter stools in destroyed black leather compliment the light hardwood floors throughout the kitchen. 

We can't help but mention the family's best four-legged friend, Buoy. As we explored every room, she was right on our heels wagging her tail with excitement. You can tell she feels right at home following mom and dad around in this open kitchen design with crisp white cabinetry and natural wood accents. 

The unique long, narrow layout of the home office is beautifully accented by an original exposed brick wall and hardwood floors. To bring some more warmth to the space, they added a faux fur and cowhide rug. A classic leather armchair is long-sought-after respite following a long work day.

Every detail in Kelli and Scott's home is thoughtfully placed and beautifully styled, keeping just the right amount of old historic charm. They wanted to incorporate aspects of the coastal feel they enjoyed in their previous home and we love how they were able to mix new elements of vintage farmhouse to keep things fresh.

It's safe to say that we would all want to call this place home! The refreshing design and marriage of old and new throughout the house has us inspired to take on this year's re-design projects. Whether it be a fresh coat of paint or a full remodel, we love helping you re-imagine the spaces you love with Trove pieces.

Happy designing!



  • M
    Mary 657 days ago

    Where can I find the kitchen ladder?

  • S
    Sarah 657 days ago

    Love the ladder system for the kitchen! Let’s you use all your vertical space. Do you have details on the system or where it can be purchased?

  • D
    Doug 888 days ago

    PLEASE offer details on the kitchen ladder and railing system. Much appreciated!!

  • B
    Brenda 888 days ago

    So beautiful! I’m a 5’0 tall woman living in an 1886 house with kitchen cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling. Help! Do you sell your ladder systems? Please let me know before I fall off a counter…standing on them is my current approach!

  • W
    Wendy 888 days ago

    Would like to know where to find the kitchen ladder?

  • M
    Mary Repole 888 days ago

    I would also like to know where I could order the ladder featured in the kitchen?

  • E
    Elsa Wilkins 1462 days ago

    Please! Can it be disclosed where may I find the kitchen ladder. I need it now. I searched the web for all kitchen/library ladders and none appealed to me as this one did. My kitchen remodel has ended and that is the only thing missing. Where may I order one now?

  • J
    Joshua Ice 1785 days ago

    This rehab build is one of my favorites, an one I’m most proud of. Working with Pete Lynch of Signature builds an jen his wife the Designer behind the Mayham, They’re an absolute brilliant couple. I’m proud to have my name on this one!

  • L
    Lauren 2020 days ago

    I love this remodel! Any chance you could disclose paint color for the kitchen & dining rooms??

  • C
    Chad Elkins 2021 days ago

    This was a fun , project I enjoyed get to help make this restoration a success!

  • K
    Kristi 2024 days ago

    This is such a beautiful home!

  • L
    Lori Dean 2024 days ago

    Excellent! Beautiful use of beams (Sunbeams and woodbeams :) )And the bar stools are creating awful envy in my heart. How did you attach the ladder to the wall? It’s so vertical, it must be anchored??

    Delightful! Nice Work!
  • J
    Jo 2024 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful!! I love this look, farmhouse with the coastal feel❤️

  • A
    Adrienne Humphrey 2024 days ago

    What a charming transformation! I absolutely love what Trove has done to capture the warmth and coziness of this home. I live in Indianapolis and drive to Columbus just to visit my favorite stores with Trove at the top of my list. Well actually, I also visit some of my favorite people too. Just sayin’!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and I’ll see you soon. Happy New Year, Adrienne

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