Chapter 1: P1

Welcome to the TROVE Journal!

Every day we wake up and come to work in a space filled with an ever-changing collection of treasures for the home. Each week we re-arrange, re-create and re-invent the store in anticipation of getting to meet with you, learn about your home, your design dreams and your personal style.

At Trove we are never short of fresh, inspired ideas and are always looking for new ways to share and connect with you. We're thrilled to bring you with us as we launch the Trove journal which will allow us to do just that!

We couldn't be more excited to have this fun platform to chat with you, share the newest finds for your home and get inspired with interior design ideas! This is a space to be imaginative. A place you can come whenever you're feeling in need of a little creative boost, and we'll always encourage you to mix it up and make it your own!If you're new to Trove, welcome! Learn more about our story here. Make sure you check in often- we'll be letting you in on the most recent Trove updates, keeping you in the loop on upcoming events, sharing a little more about ourselves and offering fun and fresh ideas for your home. 

Talk to you soon Trove friends!


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